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Our Process


Learning and being able to develop new products are the foundations of any industrial process, without which the progress of science and technology would have not been possible. In Safefon® we are aware of these basic principles and we have made them our rationale. Neither the technical documentation nor its study would be anything without the experience and trial fields provided by our own customers.


Although Safefon® has a wide range of manufacturing, our working philosophy entails a constant effort to improve the present equipment, as well as to add in new. Obviously, the cornerstone of this phase is design. The use of state-of-the-art software, together with the accumulated knowledge of our technical staff, assure the quality and functionality of our Acoustic Cleaners.


At the end of the designing phase, we build the prototype. Before starting the production phase, the prototype is tested in our Anechoic Chamber to check whether the practical results are consistent with the theory used. Only natural materials such as stainless steel and special alloys are used to build our equipment. We build fully stainless steel Acoustic Cleaners for high strength requirements. Lighter and cheaper Acoustic Cleaners may be manufactured in stainless steel plates.


Gradual development, growth and advancement, are part of our raison d’être. So, we apply simple actions such as looking around to see what happens, seeing how our competitors develop and how we can improve our products. Our knowledge, technical documentation, information, Design Software and Finite Element Analysis are basic tools in our developmental process.

  • learn
  • design
  • build
  • evolve
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