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About us

In 1996 Safefon® started as the Acoustic SAFETECH division. The idea of creating a new, independent company called Latamcontrol SL, originated in early 2014. Since then, began a new division, Safefon, with exclusive dedication to Acoustic Cleaning and related elements. In this new stage, our intention is to consolidate traditional markets, attract the interest of new customers for our Acoustic Cleaners, and to emphasize on the development of new products and applications.

Professional Group

With the recovery of SAFEFON®, its founder wishes to reposition this activity in the forefront of sound cleaning. To ensure its success, the founder puts his expertise and resources at the company’s disposal and is accompanied by an expert team of professionals, mainly Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. They shall be able to respond and support our customers and to turn this challenge into a new success in their careers.

Safefon® want to incorporate into your business network the best representatives or distributors, if you are interested in the commercialization of our equipment, please contact:

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